Hi guys,

I developed a website and want to access it through the Internet by using my registered own domain. Website will be served by my Ubuntu machine at home. I have a router called Thompson Speedtouch. I simply want to host my own website at home.

Domain: www . mytestdomain . com
My IP address (on the Internet) is:


1. To help my domain point my computer, what do I do? I bought it from 123-reg
2. What configurations do I need on my ubuntu to call my website when I type my domain on the Internet?

Thanks in advance guys. I've learned a lot with your helps and I think this is the most important part for me to learn as I am new with Linux.

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No IP is dynamic but I am doing it for one off test. I know that IP will change when I disconnect and connect again.


Where you have your DNS config for the domain, you'll need to create an A record for www to point at the IP address. Once you've got the port forwarding sorted I imagine you'll be running apache as a webserver.

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