Hallo everyone,

I have a question about using gparted. I am currently want to use windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10 in my computer. Before that, I used also windows vista and wubi-installed ubuntu inside the windows vista. After trying to reformatting everything, I ended up having windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10 (dual boot). However, on the first boot menus, I still have options of windows vista, and old ubuntu. I tried to use gparted, and tried to -with force- wipe out the windows vista and ubuntu which is also installed inside the vista, however I am getting very confused after looking at the partitons

To make it more clear, please see the image of the gparted software below


In that image, I previously did an experimental action, which is formating the old ubuntu (/dev/sda8) by changing it to fat32 ( I was hoping to merge it with /dev/sda5, but I still have no clue how to do it).

I want to keep my windows 7, ubuntu 9.10 (new one, not the one which is inside the vista), want to wipe vista+ubuntu9.10(old) . I also wanted to keep documents (/dev/sda5). I want to format the unecessary partition, and merge everyting so I have more space for new ubuntu 9.10. Can anyone point out how to do this?

Thank you for your helps.

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hallo everyone,

Slight update, I tried to format /dev/sda8 and /dev/sda9 into ext3. Now the question is how to merge this /dev/sda8 and /dev/sda9 into a part of /dev/sda5 (documents)? And also /dev/sda4, which is windows vista still appears in the boot screen. How to remove/uninstall this ?

Thank you

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