:rolleyes: i recently installed a new sony dvd drive in my dell optiplex gxp1 mid tower. when i loaded the drivers from the software provided w/ the dvd, i booted the system as instructed. i assume my installation of cable & jumpers are correct :?: i removed a cd rom from the top bay. it already has a cd/rw drive in it. now this is the catch, the dvd works fine audio & video no glitches. every time i boot black screen comes up w/ warning the cover has been removed,then goes ahead & proceeds to boot successfully. can not go into bios settings. what could be the culprit :?: i made sure cover was installed back correctly. it has a sw on the frt. side of case

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Why can't you get into BIOS? You'll need access to the BIOS settings in order to reset the security setting.



i believe i fixed the problem. i found out what buttons to push to get to bios. and also figured out how to reset bios to default. there is a setting in bios to set the cover to default so it won't say that when it boots up. i also believe i had the jumpers set wrong, cause when switched them in reverse order it finnally starting working properly. i set the jumper on the dvd drive to master & the cd/rw drive to slave. then installed the audio cable to the mother board not to the sound card. thanks for the info.david!

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