I have a dream... a dream of a linux that is responsive on my imac DV 400 MHz, but shows of the power of my 3.6 GHz PC... a dream of a linux that supports my D-link bluetooth and wireless LAN adapters... a dream of a linux that can read and write NFTS, FAT32, and Mac OS filesystems.... a dream of a linux that can easily connect my 3 computers and share music, videos, documents and settings...

EDIT: it would be GREAT to be able to watch full size movies (example: DivX and XviD in 640x320) on my Mac (now i can only watch 320x160 without heavy framedropping...)

BTW my HW is...
1.3 GHz PC, 6GB HD, 128 MB RAM
3.6 GHz PC, 410 GB, 1024 MB RAM
400 MHz Mac, 20 GB HD, 384 MB RAM
and id rather not upgrade anything, im on a tight budget

im just another wacko fed up with windoze and the in compatability of Mac OS

debian would run on all of them, it can take a few hacks to get it running on mac hardware but you can google it. If you ran linux (even different distros) it would relieve any compatability issues you currently have.