Hey All,
It seems that when ever i install redhat, i get to the firewall section and tell it 'no firewall' but every time without fail i login and there it is firewall set to 'high'. can anyone help me disable this thing, whenever i use the gui security program in kde or gnome it still is set to high, i've tryed medium and filled in all the ports i want open, and i've tryed no firewall and still its on 'high'.

any ideas?


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When you configure the firewall section of the redhat setup, you're setting up the firewall configuration files with your settings. Gnome and KDE also come with software to edit this same file. Take a look at the file manually (ipchains) and see what the settings are. Afterall, everything else is just a GUI to edit this file. Otherwise, just test it out!! ;) Can you not access ports you specifically set to leave open??

Hey dani,
Thanks for gettin back so fast, see thats the problem right there, i understand the gui thing but, i dont know the file name or location of the firewall file to edit any chance you could drop me the name or path



I know the name of the file/s are something like "ipchains" and "iptables" but I'm not exactly sure the difference between the two or where they're located.

I?m only using RedHat 7.3, but it?s probably /etc/sysconfig/ipchains or /etc/sysconfig/iptables. It?ll probably look like gibberish to you, but if you really don?t want a firewall (not a good idea if the machine is connected directly to the internet), I?d simply do this (as root):

chkconfig --level 0123456 iptables off
chkconfig --level 0123456 ipchains off
service iptables off
service ipchains off

I have a firewall script I?m working on that is a lot easier (I think) than standard stuff to configure. You can download it at http://apt7.com/dr-firewall-dist.tar.bz2, but it?s probably not ready for production. And although it has some simple instructions, but they may not be thorough enough for a novice.

happly i'm tucked away behind an enerprise class firewall, so i'm not to fussed about the software firewalls on indiviual machines. but even so i'd be interested to see your script, you can never have to much security.

cheers for your help


sadly stopping the ipchains and iptables did not help the firewall is still set to high, has anyone else had this problem with the firewall setup?, cuz it seems to happen to me every time i do an install


You may just need to set up the firewall to allow everything by default:

iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
iptables -F INPUT
iptables -F OUTPUT
iptables -F FORWARD
iptables -F -t nat

The name of the firewall script is usually called rc.firewall, and located in /etc or /etc/rc.d/

IPTABLES is the current program (IPCHAINS I think was last in RH 6.3, but I could be wrong, since I don't use RH)

There are some good examples of a firewall script for IPTABLES that can be found on google.com (use keyword "rc.firewall")

I am totally new to Linux so please bear with me. I just installed Red Hat on a clean I then ran the update agent and has received and installed all the updates including the most recent

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