Strongly considering installing Ubuntu and wine. I use some software that has Linux versions, but what about Adobe programs how well can I run them in Linux without seeing any speed decrease ? And are there any wine alternatives ? How well have former Windows users caught on to Ubuntu Linux, by caught on I mean understand and could resume daily tasks while learning Linux ?

Photoshop works fine through wine, a few minor flaws but nothing to write home about. Really the entire adobe suite works ok. By Wine alternatives what do you mean? Alternatives to photoshop and stuff without wine? Like GIMP? If you mean an alternative to WINE... cedega, but its for gaming. Also cxoffice-never used it myself though. It's easy to learn Linux if your savvy going into it, there should be little downtime in the switch.

Thanks for the information. I hope to install Linux soon on a partition and hopefully phrase out of Windows into Linux. What are the minor flaws ? It works 'ok' :)

I switched A few weeks ago and I love it! I had to find a few ways to do some things but almost my entire array of tasks I had no problem setting up. The only hard one was printing, I had to find the URI and manually set it up.

If I wanted to try Ubuntu before doing a complete install, I assume I would download the USB/DVD flavor and boot from it, before actually installing it on my HDD ?

yup, that sounds. If you are on windows then you can run the .exe, I'm not sure how that works but you can still try it

I have found most of the software equivalent to Window and make the switch but I still dual boot with Window XP just in case but hardly use it.

I'm a newbe at linux & ubunto
I would like to know how you go about executing or running a program or software after you have downloaded it or installed it.

Thank you


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