I am in a jam. And, I am pulling out what hair I have left. I have a server with CentOS4 on it. It has Tomcat running on port 80. This seems to be hijacking all the sites. By this I mean, I want to run a bunch of non-tomcat sites as well but for the life of me, I cannot get apache to recognize the standard site configurations. All it says when I go to these sites is " The requested URL / was not found on this server. " I then figured, well, perhaps another instance of apache running on a different IP would do the trick. I cannot seem to get that working either. I need to do this because my main server with quite a number of sites on it is down because of a drive failure. I need to copy the sites from a backup to this new server ASAP so I can get the sites back up and running. If ANYONE knows how to either, get apache to serve regular html pages along side of tomcat OR, configure a second instance of apache on a different IP .. well, I would be most grateful. I am really in a bind here.


An update: I installed a separate instance of Apache listening on a new IP on port 80. Starts and seems to run fine. I added three or four virtualhosts and get no errors on restart. However, only one of the virtual hosts actually comes up when I browse to it and then, only if I do not use www.domain.com ... just domain.com. If I do use www.domain.com .. the default Tomcat page comes up ... which is on another IP altogether. All of the other virtualhosts just timeout.

I sure could use some input and help here if anyone is up for it?