Hey All,

running vncserver on my linux box, its up and running. but when i use the win client side of vnc all i get is the gray crosshatched screen, am i expecting to much? i was hoping that i would get the gnome desktop display. can any one give me some ideas to try out, or is that all i am going to get.



me again,
also on another box i have vnc installed but it only seems to be the client side.

the box that has the server side is one which i chose to install everything. under package sellection (in redhat 8.0) can anyone tell me when i can find the server side install, as i dont have room to install everything on this box



First, make sure that you don?t already have the server-side install. See if /etc/sysconfig/vncservers exists. If it does, the VNC server is already installed.

In this case, you would just add a line like:


(?1? is the display to use; ?username? is your username.)

to that file, and do service vncserver restart to restart the VNC server with the new configuration.

If you?re just wanting to use KDE or something other than the default window manager, go to your home directory and edit ~/.vnc/xstartup. Here?s what I have in mine:


xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
startkde &

Then make sure that your client connects to the proper X display.