Menster 38 Junior Poster

Hi All,

I'm having a bit of a problem with a service I'm developing. I have a CGI script sitting on my server (Ubuntu 10.0.4) which obviously receives it's requests on port 80, and the incoming requests arrive on port 8083 which is out of my control. So I have set up a datapipe-static which forwards all the data to port 80, and the solution is working perfectly for my first script, but somehow no requests are reaching my second script.

What I've tried:
- Accessing the script through a browser works (even on port 8083)
- Tcpdumps on every port and IP conceivable, which only points out that no replies are being given to the requests on 8083, and no requests are being made on port 80.
- Changing the datapipe to work with internal, external and the loopback IP.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!