hi to all,

I would like to transform one of my systems as a mail server for the intranet people of my group.
*=>What should be the configuration for a optimum mail server. *=>We have a LAN and myself set up a web server for learning php.Can the mail server be set up on the same machine.
*=> I request your patience and help me with your suggestions and advice.

For the development I am using Xampp and I had not worried for the configuring Apache , php, mysql. I have installed linux in my working sytem which I tried but coiuld access the sytem and cud be set as printer server.

My knowledge is not complete and hence failed set up the linux box. [COLOR=Indigo]If somebody could just help me with this It would be more great.
Linux box system hardware requirements for setting up a intranet + using the same system as e-mail server+print server.
Thanking you in advance for the concern , I remain

Harish Balakrishnan Marar

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