Please help me, a couple of day's ago my windows 7 went corrupt, so i installed linux and then installed Wine and tried running Windows XP setup and got error message No Valid system Partitions Were Found Setup is Unable To Continue, how do i go back to Windows?

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Wine is just an explorer emulator that simulates explorer.exe. If you want to run an install of the os try Oracle Virtual Box. It runs under XP, Vista, MAC, or Linux and lets you run virtual OS installations of any of the others. It is free.

yup try to install virtual box you can install 3 OS there as long as you have a huge capacity of hard drive....

Actually you can install more than 3 OS's and Virtual Box will let you allocate the drives dynamically so it only uses the space as you need it. I have a system with a 250GB drive under Fedora Core that has virtual XP, server 2003, server 2008, OSX and Windows 7 images available. It is only a dual core so running more than one virtual OS can really slow the system down.
At my office we have an HP with 2 ea 8 core Processors, 128GB Memory, 8ea 300GB SAS drives (RAID5) running CentOS and Virtual Box. It continually runs three separate virtual instances of Server 2008 and one server 2003 while CentOS manages the shared drive (SAMBA) and acts as the firewall.
Sun and Oracle did an excellent job creating the application.

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Wow, that's quite the setup, rch1231.

Yupiop102, wine is just for running windows programs in linux. Windows XP is an entire operating system, so try booting to the Windows XP or 7 install disk and reinstall Windows from there.

I have a dual quad-core (8 cores + 8GB RAM) Linux system and regularly run two virtual machines (XP and Solaris or QNX) at the same time. XP gets 2 GB and Solaris/QNX gets 1GB RAM. The system runs quite snappy on all accounts, real and virtual systems. Anyway as LaMouche said, Wine is just for running Windows applications inside Linux, not for installing the Windows operating system directly. I run a number of utilities and applications that way, but sometimes I have to run Windows applications in the XP virtual machines since they don't play nicely with Wine.

installed Wine and tried running Windows XP setup

Wine is for running specific programs, not installing Windows. If there's a program you're trying to run, you just do something like "wine steaminstaller.exe" (where steaminstaller.exe can be any .exe file). You would use winesetup to configure wine (select sound options, add drive mappings, etc.), and you can use winetricks to install stuff like DirectX, IE, VS runtimes, etc. Wine can't run everything, though.

If you want to have a complete Windows desktop that will run everything, you need VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, Qemu, or some other virtual machine. VirtualBox is my favorite (free and requires barely any configuration). Some colleges provide access to a free copy of VMWare Workstation.

If you're actually trying to re-install Windows, you shouldn't be booted into Linux in the first place. Boot from the Windows disc.

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