Trying to see if this is possible. I have a Dell Vostro I bought a while back that came with Windows 7 32 bit. I removed Windows 7 and put Ubuntu on the Vostro. I recently orded all the hardware for a new gaming PC. I would like to take that Dell Disc and install Windows 7 64 bit on the new PC. Based on:




I get the impression by doing a custom install it will automatically detect 64-bit capabilities? I understand drivers will not be correct and it is an OEM license. I know how to correct the drivers but I just want to save money since I have a Windows 7 license I am not using. Is it possible to take that Disc that installed the 32bit Windows 7 on my Dell and use it to install a 64bit Windows 7 on a non-Dell?



I should clarify that I don't have that hardware yet and I have not been able to test. I would like to know if it is possible or not so I can buy the correct version if needed pre-arrival of hardware.

My experience on Dell installation disks is that came with a hardware detection that does ot permits to install in a non Dell targeted computer.

More over, normally only one version is in the recovery disk, according to the OS version brougth.

Hope this helps

my answer is no ,it was activated on the dell laptop ,therefor it will come up as already used and not activate on the new computer.

as for 32bit and 64 bit ,not all win7 disk have both version on the dvd .but certainly some do

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