i had a several reseller account in the past and all one the time one of the go hacked and completely mess up my stuff an put stupid pictures instead of my site. I tried everything from changing user name and pass putting something longer but dont know how they manage to still hack it.

anyway now im taking a new vps server which i will be hosting a custom made web app in php which my business will 100% rely on. I can afford for this website to get hack at all.before my resellers account was running cpanel whm.

so please tell me is cpanel not secure should i choose Parallels Plesk Panel instead of cpanel?
should i get a vps with Ms hyper-v with win server2008 then run Apache on it instead of a linux server?

please help me i need a super secure vps and i dont know which one to turn to?

If you're managing your own server, I wouldn't install a panel. However it is sometimes much easier to administer over a panel, in that case I would say setting up a good quality VPN would be your best bet and configuring your panel to only allow connections from localhost, that way you can use your system credentials to log in and work from the server itself.

Remember to set up SSH on a non standard port, and to use a long passphrase to access your account. If you have the ability, only allow those with absolute need to log in over SSH, root should never be allowed. Grant sudo privliges to those who need it and limit them where possible.

[edit] a panel may also not be where they are getting in, remember to firewall everything you don't need using iptables.

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