hello I have just installed ubuntu over my windows partition and I like it but im having minor issues, when I open system monitor and look at the memory usage I see I have 741 mb of memory wtf!?! cause I know I have 2gb installed

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ubuntu uses 256mb of ram to install and 8mb ram is consumed by graphics i don't know of the remaining 995mb of ram but my guess is that it might have been used during installation. ubuntu can run with 256mb ram

Type "free -m" into the console

Give me the output.

I guess you are using WUBI to install Ubuntu alongside Windows.

WUBI was origionally created for Windows users to try out the Linux Operating System,
in order for the users to later install a full copy of the operating system on another HDD or on a
another partition, even completely switch to Linux from Windows.

However, some things are stricted and very limited, when using WUBI.
For example, the maximum system size is limited to 30GB, even if you have more HDD space.
I don't really believe that RAM would be limited, while using WUBI.

Have you checked your RAM?
One of your RAM-stick or RAM-Ports may be damaged.

Hope this helps.

How are you determining this amount of RAM? Post the output of the "free" command here.

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