I am encountering an issue configuring the YOU update tool in SuSE 8.2: When I attempt to run an update, I repeatedly receive the error:

"Can't get the patches from server. Please try to get the patches from another server".

I receive this error no matter which server I check. There is an entry at


which instructs (me) to mount the CD or DVD (no problem there), and copy /media/dvd/suse/setup/descr/info /temp

The problem is that the file (.../descr/info) does not exist on the installation DVD or on CD1.

As I REALLY do not want to run an unpatched OS, I'm looking for some instruction (assistance) in getting YaST / YOU to operate properly.

The installation is on a dual-boot WinXP SP2 / SuSE 8.2 Dell Latitude C810. The installation proceeded smoothly (once ACPI was disabled) using the defaults, except for the time zone setting and the default boot timeout (from 8 sec. to 15 sec.)

Any/all assistance will be appreciated; remember please that I am TOTALLY new to the linux community, but have many years Windows and Macintosh (mostly but not exclusively pre-OSX) experience, so while the basic concepts may be solid, their execution will require some assistance.....

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Any takers for this issue??? If I'm in the wrong thread, let me know which one to post to.... Anyone?????


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