I m facing problem in Red hat Linux 6 .when i use command :-ifconfig ip_address netmask then use cmd:-service network restart .It stops eth0 but doesnot start eth0 Although i hav used cmd:-setup to configure ip_address
and stop the Network Manager by cmd:- service NetworkManager restart
cmd:-ifup eth0 is also failed.
so do me a favour how do i activate eth0 with ip address.

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If you are using the service instead of NetworkManager then you need to make changes to the /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file. Change the for boot ( or onboot I never can remember but you will see it) to BOOT=yes from BOOT=no.

Some versions of redhat have an application called setup that can be run while logged in as root that is menu driven and allows you to set the IP address, netmask, gateway etc. and decide if the port is on or off by default.

thanks really it works
but sometimes error occur while configuring ip on eth0 RTNETLINK answers:Invalid argument

how can we configure adsl setup in WI-FI IN LINUX

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