I had no problems connecting to wi-fi with my Ubuntu OS. The first time I set up, my computer effortlessly identified and connected to my home network. However, I would like to scan the air to find out if there are any other networks in my range. How does one one get Ubuntu to scan the waves even though it is already connected to a network?

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Have you tried

sudo iwlist scan

Or if not, there may be some gui options available in network-manager?


Thanks nonshatter---I'm not home right now but should be there on Sunday. I'll try your suggestion and let you know if you've solved this thread.


I tried your suggestion---it seems to work. The reason I don't give a firmer statement is that the scan only showed my local wi-fi network and not any others. But it could well be that there are no other networks within range and therefore no others showed up.
I would say you have solved my problem.

Thanks very much

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