I'm new to not only this Forum, but also to Linux. For years now I wanted to switch from Windows to Linux, but there was a reluctance. Now that I've a forum to get my doubts cleared, where should I start with Linux? I don't know even the 'L' of it's, leave alone it's coding, but I want to learn all of it.

Awaiting prompt replies,
Thank You people already,

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You didn't mention what Distro you are using. Cos you can subscribe to Linux forum like I did and they can be very informative. I subscribe to Ubuntu forum. Even this forum is useful. There is plenty of book on Linux in the bookstore. Just relax and enjoy.

I've got two Distributorship CDs, one being Ubuntu 8.10, and the other Fedora 10. I'm currently on Windows Vista, I wouldn't install it till I get the drivers of my 1395 Wireless Mini Card by Dell, so... if You get help me acquire it, I'll install Linux, configure WINE and get back to You....

I don't have issue with Aztech external wifi adapter. I don't know about the wifi card though. Maybe you can check at the ubuntuforums.org, they might be able to help you.

Ubuntu has a nice feature called Live CD which allows you to use the linux desktop without installing anything into your hard drive. You can check if ubuntu detects all your drivers including the ones for 1395 Wireless Mini Card by Dell.

All you have to do is insert the cd before you boot your computer and then let it run. The rest is simple...just follow the screen.

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