Guys I feel really stupid asking this but I can not downlaod debian. Everytime I try I get on of these ( pages and I have no idea what to do with it.

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The page you've gone into there has a bunch of bit-torrent files.
You can download the torrent files and then open them with a torrent program like Transmission, which will then allow you to download the dvd images from other users who have seeded the files on their PC's.

If you want the .iso files for the DVD's you can download them directly here:
Note: These are images for amd64 based systems. If you are after the DVD versions for i386, you need to go to:

Basically all of the directories prefixed with bt- contain bit-torrent files. Directories prefixed by iso- contain .iso images of the installation disks.

BTW: The iso-cd directories contain the liveCD images if you don't want to download all of the DVD images for the full installer!

Thanks. One more thing. I just got everything downloaded and installed. The thing is I was only wanting the basic CLI Debian Linux installtion. But after I was done installing it was a graphical desktop environment edition. On the installation menu there were two options, Install & Graphical Install. I picked Install but got the DE anyway. Where and how can I get Debian CLI only? Thanks.

I got it. Thanks.

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