I have installed SQLPlus on my ubuntu 10.10 and now I want to install Oracle server..
I was following a tutorial on that and at the end of it, I got lost because I don't have access to certain files that were mentioned in the tutorial and I changed permissions on the files. It didn't seem to work.

Does anyone know any good tutorials about how to install and configure Oracle server?

Do I have to have a username and password that are associated with Oracle? Or is it just like MySql? I can run locally..?


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Oracle has a java-based GUI for server installation. There are some scripts that need to be run as root, which you will be informed of during the installation process. Read the Oracle installation documentation. It is not simple, but the docs are generally quite thorough.

Thanks buddy. Do you know if I need to pay anything for the username n password?

Username/Password for what? For your local Oracle database and/or user account?

For my local db..

You need to know the password for the system oracle account, which you specify I think when you install the database, though it may just default to "oracle". Login to the oracle account, and you can create any number of new dba accounts in the database.

thanks, pal

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