i am using ubuntu 11.04, have connected an dongle to it,i am trying to find the comport no to which dongle is connected ,As in windows i get com23,com24 etc .how can i get it in linux ?

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Usually, the com ports show up as /dev/ttyS0 ir /dev/ttyS1. ttySN where N is 0 through 3 for the normal COM1-4 you are used to seeing.

For a dongle, you need to find the USB port which would probably be set to /dev/tty/USB0 or something similiar. Then you can speak 'Serial' right to that device.

Try using "DMESG | grep usb" after plugging in the usb.

I assume this is a USB dongle. Try the "lsusb -v" command.

Also, if this is a usb -> serial port dongle then before you connect it, look at /dev/usb, /dev/pts, and /dev/tty* and then after. You should see the new device ID's, assuming that the appropriate driver has installed them. In any case, what is the dongle (type, make, manufacture, model, etc)?

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