I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab. To my dissapointment it is unable to be mounted to Linux. I found a few website with instructions on how to mount it be so far they haven't worked. I'M really trying to get more and more away from Window$ but I'M finding it difficult. I've had bad luck running my iPod with every media player avaiable on Linux. So I was considering getting a new Samsung mp3 player but of course I'll have the same problem I'M having with my Tab. And as I understand it Android is Linux or Unix bases, how can this be? Though I don't have a a big interest in a smart phone I do like that idea of have my mp3 player and phone in one device. So my real question is what are the best mp3 players or smart phones on the market that work well with Linux and Nautilus?

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I too have the same problem, I just dual boot windows and Linux. My windows installation only consists of iTunes for my phone and games that will not run on Linux. I only boot into windows when I have to.

If you only need it for the iPod/Galaxy Tab I would suggest installing windows in virtualBox and managing it from there. It is a work-around at best.

Thanks but I'M still looking to get a phone and a mp3 player in one device. What a good android phone that will work well with Linux?

Most any Android device will do this just fine. They have a selectable option on how to present the device to your PC operating system. I run Linux RHEL 6.x and have a Nexus One (gingerbread), and can either mount it as a "smart" device, or as a USB drive. In any case, all Android phones should work well with Linux. Windows phones (Nokia Lumia phones), and iPhones, not so well. Don't know about RIM phones.

FWIW, I also have Nokia Symbian, S40, and Lumia phones (funny that, considering I am a Nokia engineer).

You could try AirDroid - it's what I use to get files on or off of my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. Free app on the Play Store. It essentially allows you to connect to your device via wifi and get a desktop-like UI in whatever browser you use where you can manage your device's files, send texts, make calls (I think), and so on. Pretty great app.

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