Hi All,

I have 2 domain names linked into 1 hosting account using CPanel, my problem is that I have domain name: (A) and (B).

The problem is that I can do all the services (file transfer, webmail.....etc) for Site (A) , but if I want to use these services to site (B) it will not show, for example if I want to add new email account for Site (B) it will show the mail server of Site (A) ONLY, also for the file tranfer it's showing ONLY the files for Site (A).

So my question is: how can I use both (A) and (B) for all the services....in another words CPanel is considering site (A) as the default site and if I log to CPanel for site (B) it will all the things for site (A).

because my company wants to add new emails accounts for site (B), and the I.T guy has left.

I hope I've explained well, and waiting for help ASAP:sad: .


Contact your webhosting company!! They should assist you, as by the sounds of it, it is your hosts problem.

Personally, I dont like cPanel anyway, Plesk or WHA is the best for me.