I am trying to run a process in my Linux system. For security reason, I want to create separate file systems for each individual process by which some system command should not corrupt the whole file system.

Is it possible? If yes, please help me with the solution.


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You may want to look into the concept of sandboxing instead of seperate file systems.

There are a number of methods to do this. One is to create a chroot environment for each process. You can restrict precisely what applications can be run there, and associated them with specific system directories. This is somthing like what L7Sqr mentions about "sandboxing" the applications, instead of separate file systems. That said, you can create a virtual file system that is actually a file that is mounted with the loop specification. IE, you can create an empty file, initialize it with a file system internally, and then use the "mount [-t fstype] loopfilename" command.

Thank you very much. I will check the chroot environment option and let you people know.

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