My laptop recently got a bsod (bad pool caller) while uninstalling hotspot shield which is a vpn app.
Then, after rebooting, windows will startup normally, then get the same bsod.
After using driver verifier in safe mode (verifier.exe), and rebooting, windows won't boot.
This isn't the issue (so i don't want any help on the bsod or windows). I connected my laptop's hdd to my desktop which has backtrack 5r3 installed.
I booted backtrack, then copied the whole content of my laptop's hdd to my desktop's hdd.
the problem is backtrack does not display any folder that has a dot in the beginning of its name.
(like .minecraft or any folder i had named which a dot at the beginning)
These folders don't show at all. Whether on a flash drive or hdd.
So this is my issue. Thanks for any help.
I tried googling this, but i never found out why these folders do not show.
Any answer will be appreciated :)
I didn't mention specs cause i assume they don't matter.

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In backtrack (or any linux distro), a directory with a . as first character is hidden.

You can list all files, including hidden files, with ls -la

If you are using Nautilus as a file manager, you can use CTRL-H to show these hidden files. May work with other file managers as well.

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