I am switching our file server from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu Server 12.04) and am using Samba. I was able to successfully set up all the folders needed with the same name that was on Windows. However, there are two folders on the Windows share that is being used by an internal application. We need to point to the that folder, and it's called something like \servername\foldername$ . I create that foldername$ folder on Ubuntu and set it up in smb.conf to be browsable=no as it was not browseable when it was on Windows share. When I try to connect to the new linux folder from a windows machine, I get an error message saying "windows cannot access \servername\foldername$ . I can access all the other folders without the dollar symbol on the end. How do I get around that without needing to make changes to the application that needs to access that folder?


I believe you don't have to make it browsable=no, as Windows shares with $-signs at the end are not browsable by windows, but you can still find them with other OS's.

I made a share like //server/folder$ on my Samba installation, which I was unable to see from windows, but I could access it by typing //server/folder$ in windows explorer...

Just make sure the correct owner, group and folder rights are used.