Is LFS (Linux From Scratch) bulletproof? I don't want to build OS, that would probably result me throwing laptop through the window 17 times and pulling massive amount of hair opt-out of my head. So. I just want to know. They said that using LFS they were able to build basic apache server and it's weight was 5MB (6MB for more realism). From more "quoatige"

Building LFS could be compared to a finished house. LFS will give you the skeleton of a house, but it's up to you to install plumbing, electrical outlets, kitchen, bath, wallpaper, etc. You have the ability to turn it into whatever type of system you need it to be, customized completely for you.

So mentioned OS's skeleton, bulletproof?

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The main point of LFS is to teach people the inner secrets of configuring and building Linux systems from scratch (so to speak). If you want a light-weight apache server, then it would be better to get a light-weight Linux distribution and install apache and necessary other components there. Gentoo is a good choice (but will still make you tear your hair out most likely) in that you can configure it for just your hardware and install just the software you want. I have done that in the past and it was small, fast, and reliable. It had no drivers that were not needed, and only the software I wanted (aside what is necessary to run the system).

Your post is highly informative. But doesn't include answer to asked question.

Is LFS (Linux From Scratch) bulletproof?

No. If you want something more stable, use a full distribution.

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