Hello Everyone, A few months Ago I was introduced to Linux operating system...Ubuntu...Some of you are probably wondering where the hell have I been...Let's just say I was stuck in a Window....Needless to say I love The change....Unfortunately for me I didn't know what I was up against....After updating Ubuntu 12.04 And restarting my system ...I am greeted with an error That says the system is running in low graphics mode :your screen , graphics card and input device settings could not Be detected Correctly.You will need to configure these yourself..Nothing I try works...Needless to say I am lost as I am very new to Linux operating systems..Thanks in advance for those who have patience with a novice...Can I undo update..Is all my work lost....Help..:/

Did you try googling for similar issues in ubuntu forums ? Start by reading threads such as this one click here, where you can find solutions that worked for others.

What kind of graphics card does your system use?

hello all, well sometimes we just need to be shown the path...problem with Ubuntu 12.04 error "low graphics mode",seems to be my own doing...prior to updating system was low on memory! which is y the next time i booted up system went straight to "low graphics mode"..
after reading some of the articles Gribouillis suggested i quickly realized which fit my situation...so heres what i did:1) hold down "shift" at boot up to enter boot option 2) select recovery mode. 3) then select file system clean up
and well thats all i had to do...system then booted up,after clean up..
but i had to reboot again for extra moniter to be detected*.hope this helps u aviod the same mistake.thanks for your lead G..

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