I have I Brother Laser printer and it seems to be pring everytying just fine. But when I go print some property listings from a realesate company it all the sudden will not print at all and I get the following error. -> There was a problem processing documents 'flexmls'(job 11). Does anyone see anything that would suggest Linux incompatability? Image attached. bcea2376ebbe702e3e95b82f4aa26f1d

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Sometimes there are errors in a postscript or pdf document. There are several things you can try. If you can open the document with several programs, it may print with one of these programs and not with another. For example a pdf may print from a qpdfview window but not from an okular window.

Another thing you can try is to install a pdf printer. In ubuntu, it is done with

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

You can then select the pdf printer when you want to print a document. It will create a pdf file in a folder (probably ~/PDF), then you can open this pdf with say qpdfview and try to print again with your printer.

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