I am a new user of Linux Ubuntu and download software via the Internet, but I do not know how to help me install it.``

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It really depends on the software. In general, software packages are maintained for you and you use apt-get to install, update and/or remove packages.

When you need to install by hand (if the package repository doesn't contain your software) you need to follow the instructions of that particular software.

How is the software packaged? Do you have: a .deb file; a .tgz file; a repository (i.e. a github repo)? Installation differs for each.


I was not sure if you were asking for help installing Ubuntu or adding software to Ubuntu. If you could clarify it would help. If your problem is when installing Ubuntu then their web site has some great instructions and installation notes. If you arew anting to add software to Ubuntu then the easiest way is through the software installer built into the OS.

softwear packaged is .deb

just double click on the .deb file , ubuntu software center will open , click on install it will ask you for your password , enter the password and that is it

First you need to open the downloded file. If it compress with zip formate you must unzip that, then open the folder and press double click on the install.sh or setup.sh file

There are several package management tools for Debian - based systems, most of which are based upon aptitude. There's the synaptic GUI tool and the command line tool apt-get. As a new user, you are best off using Synaptic.

before you install anything on Ubuntu, you should run on terminal "sudo apt-get update" it will help for dependencies.
For single *.deb file install --> sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb
For multiple *.deb files install on one directory --> sudo dpkg -i *.deb

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