hai, i am ubuntu user. I want to access my gf pc (os is ubuntu). I know her ip, username and password. but i want to access her pc using without installing any software in her pc.
I know that it is possible via ssh command. But ssh is not installed in her pc.
what can i do, please give me some suggestions

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It sounds like you want to intrude into her computer. Without her knowing. :-/, hence the word intrude. I know of no way to do this without ssh.

i think you meant HACK




I'm going to be a bit more positive about your intentions... If you have direct access to the system, you can configure ssh to allow you to login remotely. That's all I'm going to say. You have to figure out the rest - it isn't hard.

I dont think there is any reason to give the benefit of doubt. The intention is obviously to gain remote access without detection. This is not the correct forum for that type of help.


This is not the correct forum for that type of help.

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