I had some doubts running clipper programs in Linux. I am having dos based clipper programs for accounting which we are thinking to migrate to Novell but i am for Linux ,considering cost and may in future Linux cost effectiveness may help us, plus security and scalability.

Actual Scenario:

Small office network10/100Mbps (6-8 clients), where we use Clipper-based program for accounting. First, we thought of an old NetWare as a server and Diskless Netware Clients, then I suggested it with linux+Samba. Now i have abouts of corruption of database in Linux and whether dos emulators might work if they work will they really slow around with 6-7 clients connected . Is it possible to speed it up somehow (with new hardware?) or may be native speed of dos emu s can be overcome by some way.

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Sandy, can you be a little more specific?


I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm trying to do the same thing. Will ms dos emulation solve the problem, or some linux tool is needed?

Probably a bit late, but if you still have the sources then you can recompile them using Clip .

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