I had 2 Linux's on my laptop. But I really needed to start something that required DirectX in it, also, it had to be on Windows. I tried to use VMware and VirtualBox but to no avail, so it had to be real machine, not virtual one. I installed Windows 7 next to both Ubuntu's. After installation, when I tried to open boot menu of 3 machines, only 1 appeared, Windows 7. I was scared I might've clicked on wrong button or something and I lost all "sensitive" and (for me) important data that I had encrypted in home folder. I tried to put Ubuntu on USB and trying to install it, and after installation was "successfully" done, this resulted in "Operating System Not Found" at boot-up. The Windows 7 has no internet, so I'm typing now from LiveUSB of Ubuntu. While I was at part of partitioning. Ubuntu mentioned that there are 3 partitions. Therefore 2 Ubuntu's, 1 Windows. I'd really like to get my GRUB boot back, where I can boot up back to Linux. Any ideas?

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I suggest to use the boot-repair disk as Slavi did in this thread. In principle, it should work

It did! There was graphical program, just one button press and voila!

It seems strange to me that you don't have a linux swap partition.

Laughingly enough, I tried to manage to start-up one. But whenever I do it, swapspace resets and as soon as I restart PC, it isn't there anymore, additionally, when I'm trying to find tutorials which create permanent swapspace's, the command either don't work, or directories and commands are so outdated that they don't work either.

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