Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my netbook. How do you boot into a CD-ROM or USB? My netbook is a Samsung NP-N100S-E01PH. I could boot to a CD when I installed WIndows 7 but it could not detect Ubuntu CD Installer. Please help me any way possible.

Do you mean it won't boot from the CD/DVD/USB drive? Or does it try, but fail? If it tries, but fails, then you may have a bad image. If it won't try to boot from the device at all, then you probably need to go into the BIOS and tell it to boot from CD or USB. I have to do this with my work Lenovo laptop, as well as my Dell D630 personal laptop.

You have to ensure that the BIOS IDs configuered appropriately. Check the boot order/priority.

You can boot your computer very much easily by CD/DVD drive. But before start booting you need to configure your bios setup. Actually you need to set your primary boot media to your cd-drive or dvd-drive and also set the secondary boot media to your hard-drive. And also the Operating system disk must be bootable disk for proper booting. Other-wise problem occurs.

yeh, on bootup start pressing f11 or f12 as soon as the computer starts, should bring up your boot options without going into bios, choose cd/dvd and it should at least try to boot from disc, hope this helps. ps: if you can hit the pause button at the right time it should freeze the screen and allow you to read which button to hit, then carry on.

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