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Greetings everybody,

In the web site of Ubuntu, it is indicated that WUBI is not available for Windows 8.

I need to useboth of Windows 8 & Ubuntu occasionaly and I would like to ask you
if there some way to use Ubuntu with Windows 8 in the same PC.

Might Cygwin be a solution for programming purposes?

Thanks in advance,

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They are correct -- you can't duel boot both. But you can use a VirtualBox and install it there.

2nd vote for virtual box.

I use VirtualBox happily to run Linux systems under Windows, and Windows systems under Linux. That said, there are ways to create bootable USB drives with storage capacity that you can use to boot without getting either into Wubi, or dual-booting the system. You can also create a live USB drive using Unetbootin.

As somebody who has gone "full-freetard", I only run Linux at home and have no need for more than one OS on any of my machines.

But I have to use Windows at work and have no real justification to install any other OSes on my work machine either. So I've never really used virtualbox. (But I really should try at some point!)

However, I did miss the greatness of the Unix/Linux command-line whilst at work. Cmd and Powershell just do not compare! So I installed Cygwin and have used it pretty extensively for a number of years. Cygwin terminal is not the same as running a full Linux distro. But it does enhance your windows experience by making it a bit more like Linux.

It is also possible to run an X-server session with a Linux desktop (Gnome, KDE etc) via Cygwin. I use dwm - a tiling manager. Easier to set up and get running than any of the other desktops, less dependencies, more lightweight etc. But that is another story!

Personally, I'd say why make a choice between Cygwin or virtualbox??
Why not use both?! :)

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Hello everybody,

Thanks for your replies.

I was going to install Cygwin, and had never heard about VirtualBox. Because, I have been using Ubuntu installing with wubi.

I have only one PC currently, that is why I use two different OSs in one PC.

In work, I need Ubuntu actually, because it will run my programs faster, real-time DSP programming, and I can find more open-source libraries working in Ubuntu.

Thanks everybody.

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