Have a Toshiba Satellite Pro, that had a dual boot (WIN 7, and WIN 10 Tech preview). Setup a separate partition called Unbuntu, and installed Unbuntu 14, on that partition. Now Unbuntu boots first to a Grub menu (I’m a newb Linux user), and it gives me choices, see below

The menu looks like this:
Ubuntu with Linux 14.0 generic
Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/SDA1
Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/SDA2
Memory test (memtest86+)
Memory test (memtest86+, serial console)

If I pick the first Windows loader (SDA1), I get the Windows Boot Loader, with choices for Win 7, and Win 10 tech preview. Win 10 load perfectly, but if I pick Windows 7, I get the Windows splash screen, then my computer shuts down, and reboots to Grub. If I pick the 2nd Win 7 loader (SDA2), neither one works. I know I didn’t overwrite the Win 7 OS, because I can see all files, etc, in either Ubuntu, or Win 10. I really need to get Win 7 back on its feet.
Any help is appreciated

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try upgrading your grub or repair it

What are you going to do with the system when you are done with the tech preview? This multi-boot option is really a legacy approach to having more than one system installed on your computer.

You should consider virtualization. Products like virtualBox or VMWare allow you to run virtual machines (VMs) on your host computer. One benefit is that when you are done with a VM just delete the 1-5 files associated. No more partitioning or boot loaders.

Another great benefit is that, assuming enough computing resources, you can run all three operating systems at the same time and they can all interact with each other or you can keep them isolated from each other. Another great thing is that these VM applications are free.

I can't think of any benefits to setting up a multi-boot system. It's complicated and painful to make changes on the host computer.

In your case, I recommend you pick your favorite OS either windows or Linux, run that on your hardware, install virtualBox and then create all of the VMs you wish.

JorgeM, Thank you for responding to my post. I have used virtual machines almost since their inception, in fact have Windows 3.1 on one virtual machine, it truly is the way to go, What I should have said, was this is an academic exercise mandated by my professor. As such, I specifically went to Daniweb and this forum (Linux and Unix) to get help. What I believe I got was a sermon. This is my fault for not explaining things better. Now with that said, can you help me solve this problem? More info, its NOT the grub loader, as my version 14.0 is using Grub2, fresh, ziplock fresh!--Thanx

Maybe next week's lesson from your professor is how to fix it?

You might try researching the following:

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