Does anyone know how to watch Amazon Instant Video on Ubuntu 14.04?
I have googled this, but the solutions may only work on older verion of Ubuntu or Flash player. Doesn't work on 14.04.
Any suggestion?

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My guess would be that the Amazon DRM (Digital Rights Management software) is not supported by Ubuntu 14.04 or your version of Flash.

I spent months trying to answer you question. I live in Thailand so I need to use a VPN tunnel.I tryed to install HideMyAss VPN and even had them do a remote in-stall. No luck. Than I tryed to install Strong VPN,no luck. I tryed to install openVPN. No luck with that eather. So I installed Vbox and booted a live windows 7 disk. I installed HMA and Strong VPN. Now I can watch my Amazon movies.

Unfortunately, Don Graham is pretty much correct. Many DRM (Digital Restrictions Management according to the FSF) versions are not supported in Linux, depending upon version, so you need to run an MS operating system in a virtual machine in order to get your paid for audio/video streams. This is a very sucky situation, and shows why we need to keep pushing back against DRM encumbered streams and data. MS licenses the DRM keys and such (not cheap) so you can use their OS for this stuff. That's why you can play commercial BluRay discs on Windoze, but not on Linux directly.

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