I'm looking for a good printer/scanner that works well with Linux, any suggestions on brands and models? Thanks.

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It depends on what you call good. I have a Epson XP-700 at home and it works very well with linux kubuntu. Epson publishes free drivers for the printer and the scanner. Avoid certain brands such as Lexmark which have a tradition of poor linux support (it may have changed since I had this problem, but be very careful).

The following site has a pretty comprehensive list of supported printers / scanners for Linux. I would say that as you buy your printer, you can just look up the model on that site before to make sure it's supported.

Overall, I would say that the worst that could happen is that some of the advanced features of the printer / scanner might not be supported. But it's very rare that it doesn't work at all, especially if it's a network printer / scanner.

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