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As a 21st century viking, I'm happy that they stopped naming their distributions after those false gods of the puny Romans. May Freja bring fertility to this distribution!


I just tried it in virtualbox but got the super small screen resolution, so I wasn't able to test it properly.

But overall, unless they've done better driver updates and a more up-to-date repo, which was my major gripe with the old distro - there wasn't that much to get excited about?

I'm going to load it on my pc, see if the wifi drivers work out of the box, and then see how easy it is to get my nvidia graphics card running on it.

Some of the UI decisions looks like it has been stolen from windows 8! And flat everything is plaguing the interweb.

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Why wouldn't the wifi work? I tried it on virtual box as well, still got the old one installed on my pc though. The UI is pretty similiar as it was on the old(guess to much more to think of in matters of upgrading it). I am a terminal kind of guy, and the first thing I did was to open it and noticed that there wasn't an option to change the transparancy, so I sent them a tweet, not a good design if that's not availalbe xD considering my highly customized Kali filled with aliases lol

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So I finally got rid of Elementary os Luna and installed Freya, expecting it not to have much difference. But honestly, it feels better performance wise. Definitely recommended!

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