I just finished my first computer that I've ever built from the scratch. I used an MSI motherboard, AMD processor, DD3 RAM, and a Samsung SSD. I am wanting to install a headless Debian on it that I'll user for my in home media server but I'm having problems. I installed my Debian image onto a USB flash drive but when I boot the computer up with or without the USB drive in nothing happens, my monitor stays black. I'm not even getting a BIOS screen. Anyone have any suggestions on where to start troublshooting this? Thanks.

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In these cases you should hear some beeps from the motherboard, the sequence can help you to understand the issue, in the documentation you should find the meaning of each sequence.

Anyway, make sure everything is well connected to the motherboard, including jumpers and connectors. If it does not solve then disconnect the harddisk from the motherboard and try to boot and to access the bios.

If still it does not work do not reconnect the harddisk, start to remove the RAM modules, test them one by one in each RAM slot until you understand if the problem is generated by one of the modules or by a slot: it can happen that a module or a slot connection area is dirty or that the element is burnt. Do the same with any external peripheral.

I hope you checked compatibility of the RAM with the motherboard. I destroyed a motherboard once with incompatible RAM.

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