hey... i recently just got a sony vaio vgn-fe690p and last night my fn key started freaking out. there are shortcut number keys on some of my letters so i can hold in the fn key and the numbers will type... well now.. in order to use those letter keys i have to hold the fn key down.. does anybody know why this happend and why i now have to hold the fn key down in order to type simple sentences??? this is probably something really stupid and i'm just too much of an idiot to figure it out:-| letme know asap if anybody can help me :lol:

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Your answer might be found in this thread. ;)

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Your answer might be found in this thread. ;)

commented: buy a vaio... lol +1

I just checked your issue on my Vaio PCG-FX270. alot of the hotkey software is the same. Make sure Num Lock is not on, if it is, then you have to hold Fn to type the letters associated with the key shortcuts.

Pls try Fn + Shift + Insert to lock or unlock.

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