after i got back my toshiba a205-s4587 laptop from toshiba after they changem my motherboard... now i found that 5 keys on the keyboard dont work (i checked them on live cd of linux too): home, pgup, pgdn, end, \

is there a way i can fix them myself?
it will take a long time till i will be able to go to toshiba again....

hope u rr laptop is used by a single person,because problems in laptop come frequently in key boards touch pad due to more users in single laptop,keyboard in laptop is totally different normal keyboad because its membrane keyboard,ie u should use like a feather touch,due to rough typing the membrane layer below u r laptop key will be damaged.better u connect an external keyboard till u r laptop keyboard get repaired by replacing with a new membrane layer

if you keys worked fine before sending it for repair and never worked after getting it back, i'd bet that the ribbon connector is not properly seated in it's connector on the mother board.

this should be an easy fix if youb aren't afraid to remove the keyboard.. should have a plastic trim piece around the outside of the KB. this trim ring can be removed with patience, light pressuer with small flat head screw driver... go all around the bottom and sides of trim ring slowly loosening it until free... then unscrew the phillips screws holding the KB in place... lift up KB check the ribbion cables are inserted fully down and are not crooked..... if this all appers ok order a new KB on ebay or from toshiba...(last one i bought was like $50)....reinstall by connectiong ribbon cables, boot and test. if all is fixed screw KB back down and replace trim ring around KB edges.

i've done this many times w/ no problems, but if you need more help just ask..


Hi, Maybe you can try to replace those 5 keys that dont work with new ones. Its a more cost effective solution than replacing your entire keyboard. I had ordered mine from a Laptop key replacement company and installed them back with the help of thier video tutorials. Check out:
Hope this helps!

Replace those keys which are not working properly. we have more solution for repairing the Laptops and desktops.

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It may also be a software issue. Do you know how to find your way around Control Panel? It may be worth looking at your regional settings and keyboard settings. Which operating system are you using?

USE the soft keybord from the third party "Input Method"