Is it possible to create our own hosting using a server computer with good hardware configuration.

If we install Linux server or Microsoft server edition like OS inside a computer, will it turn into hosting Server like Hostgator, godaddy etc.

For example, If we create a website inside a localhost, server computer, how it will be accessible to other users.
I am a php developer.

This is standard stuff. The main things are these: security, accessibility, security, security, security... :-) IE, don't try to do this if you are inexperienced in setting up internet network accessible servers in a secure manner. Accessibility is not so much a problem. You can either make your server fully internet accessible (not a good idea), or poke a hole in your firewall for the ports you need to make your system accessible. In any case, you will start getting probes almost immediately to find weaknesses in your network and server that will allow malware criminals unfettered access to your systems, data, and other resources. These are reasons why using hosting services with good security practices is a great idea when starting out. Trust me, I do this for a living! And the game changes so quickly that even if I were setting up an internet-accessible network server myself, I would use a reliable service provider. When I was at Nokia, we had thousands of servers that were internet accessible, and we had an entire IT security team to deal with this cruft. Even when we migrated from our proprietary server farms to Amazon EC2 systems, our security team worked closely with Amazon experts to secure access to our servers that supported over 100 million customers.

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