Hello all!
I've been using Linux Ubuntu for 2 days now. Only today I actually realized that I don't have any drivers for any of my Cards build on my Laptop, I've searched in Google but still can't find it. Any help will be well appreciated.
P.S.: No sounds, No Wireless, Video Card not responding, etc.
I'm using a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 if that can help and look like my sound card is an Intel (Sorry about the infoless).

Thats normal. Linux has poor support for wireless, 3d graphics and sound.

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, you are doctor windows. If you can't make it work, go back to windows.

Most of us have tried to install an operating system on a system that wasn't properly supported. I had to completely give up on Windows XP x64 the first time around because of driver support. If your system doesn't have linux drivers then it doesn't have linux drivers. You're only options (assuming they're really not out there) are to go without, write your own, or make a windows driver work.

The last option is REALLY perilous, I've never bothered to do it but it can theoretically be done. Google "use windows drivers in Linux" and see if you can find the information you need (NDIS wrapper is probably a good place to start).

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He is right.

P.S OlyComputers, the tip is to look for hardware which says it is compatible with Server 2003. "XP" 64 is actually server 2003 under the hood, so you tend to have more success with drivers written for that.

I was talking about WAY back in the day when it first came out and there was virtually no driver support. I waited a while and used it as my primary OS for about a year before I switched to Vista (tri-boot Vista Ultimate x64, Ubuntu, XP home). After it had been out for a while driver support got a lot better.

better, but still not as good as windows.

I also had the same problem because i don't have any sounds in my computer.I figure out that it is the driver but the main problem is getting the compatible driver i need.

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