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I have a home lab I am trying to configure multiple subnets on and use Routing and Remote Access LAN Routing to get everything talking. I have two hosts w/ 5 physical NICS running Hyper-V. I have the NICS configured on each host so they each are in a different subnet. Example Host 1 NIC 1 Host 2 NIC 1 Host 1 NIC 2 Host 2 NIC 2 I can ping the IPs of each hosts nic from each other. So I know the two hosts are communicating. I setup a RRAS server with 5 virtual NICs (each one associated with one of the 5 physical NICs) and can ping both of the hosts from the RRAS server....all of the IPs assigned. So, I know the RRAS server can talk to the IPs on all of the NICs on both hosts. I have setup RRAS Lan Routing and did no additional configuration. However, my clients that have their default gateway set to the RRAS server cannot talk to systems outside of their own subnet. For example, client A can talk to client B but client A cannot talk to client C This is driving me crazy because I know I have done this before and it was never this difficult. Please help anyone.

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