I have a WD external usb drive attached to my BT Home Hub 3. It's formatted to ext4. I've set fstab to mount the drive and can see it and open folders, but I cannot copy to it.

The file permissions ('rwx') are all in my name for the drive and folders, but still it says that I don't have permissions. I've tried copying as root but write access is still denied.

ls -la confirms that the files are in my name and my group, but when I look at the properties in Nautilus it doesn't show read / write permissions.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Try plugging the USB stick into a local USB port on a PC or a laptop and see if you can write to it there first. These type of device have a web interface, you might want to check the guest access rights. The "network" drive may not be useable as the logged on user!
Your not giving any much away apart from the fact you are using a quote 'now defunct file manager product' which looks like MAC software so this is Mac problem or is it Linux?

Thanks for responding. I can read and write to the usb disk when it's plugged directly into my laptop via USB2. The odd thing is that the newly copied files don't show up when I view them over the BTHUB3, which makes me think that what I'm seeing is some sort of cache. I don't think I've used the phrase 'now defunct file manager product' - must be someone else! I'm using Linux Mint Maya.

That means it is the way the BT Hub is interpolating the security on the stick. The rights are not correctly seen by the linux o/s they most likely have ben written for windows clients, (well MS rules OK or does it?) Can you view the stick from the web interface of the Hub?

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