I'm looking for software that will allow someone at one end to talk into a camera and stream to a Raspberry Pi on the other end. It's going to be a prop for a live action role play game I'm running for later in the year and I'd like to get a jump on figuring out what I'll need.

It's literally going to be a "mirror mirror on the wall" type thing. I'll have a laptop/camera or other setup which will allow the person in the mirror to talk to the players through the rasp pi, and a router which will allow the two devices to connect, but there will be no Internet connectivity since the location is remote.

If anyone knows of a cheap or free software that would work, please let me know. I did a little looking and couldn't find anything definitive without actually testing it.

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So video calls? https://www.google.com/search?q=video+conferencing+raspberry+pi seems to note projects that have been kicking around for 4 or more years. My bet is you'll have to tailor such to your exact needs but that's what you as a programmer or one of your team members gets to do.

Don't get me wrong here. Once in a while folk want a ready to use solutuon. Maybe one of these will work but given all the work done so far it doesn't seem to be a stretch to get what you want with little to no programming effort. But there again I am running into non-programming that want such ready to use. For that you add team members with the skills or hire the work out.

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