My Samsung HD is OK, but not showing.

I haven't yet found a user who in any of discussions about problem of this type of disappearing Samsung HD502HJ admitted that he succeeded in bringing HD back to accomplishment. I have been watching videos, what they tell for setting up BIOS in other cases similar, well, those are options known to me, my BIOS doesn't include them.

Nobody explains MINWINPC, a clear possibility a condition HD obtains this period, I think, within two or three weeks, HD suffers an instance of End-User of normal computing job.

The only encounter I've had with MINWINPC was when the user's PC was infected and trashed the HDD contents. The HDD showed in the BIOS but the owner was not looking to factory restore the PC so they left and it's a mystery what they did next.

In short, nothing was wrong at all. The PC contents on the HDD were lost but MINWINPC would show up as a folder.

We felt a factory reset would have cured it and maybe a disk wipe with DBAN (see the web) and then installing the factory OS or Linux.

Of course there are folk that want to save a failed HDD. Not much you can do for them. This is a 40 or so buck drive here ( ) so no one tries to save a drive today.

Everyone all over has been saying the same, I feel nothing magicy in telling so. It's no question of money, it's to me a failure of something to be discovered. I've still been trying hard to get my HD back in previous condition, not data. No one HD in my hand got ruined before.

So why not install an OS and move on?

Still it's easy to install Windows on USB. After completing task RS doesn't result in moving forward. OS ends in black screen, that was another big problem when HD worked: OS for nothing would finish up explaining showing that there no Windows was installed, total memory of program drive was free. I used to search badly copy files folders of Windows. Every time I got them in BootX folder launching installation options of drivers, with that malfunctions HD also could disappear. In that case, I had to install drivers worked at first.

I didn't find it easy to install "retail" Windows on USB. I had to google how. And in the end it was worse than a normal install. If the HDD and hardware is good I usually wipe the drive clean and install the chosen OS cleanly. Odd installs result in odd problems in my experience.

In my case, any remaining of old Windows on HDD causes "found" "no drive". I used to change Windows to find HDD to install it. Windows XP would do that. Once installation is interrupted due to failure of copying files of Windows or for power going off, I chose Vista, as Vista easily would format XP's residual. Windows 7 was not sure to show HDD. I have read a lot of discussions where users are having very much troubles for versions copies groups of Windows: 7, XP, Vista an incongruity almost fatal.

Which is why I start with a clean drive. No partitions, no formatting and OSes (good ones) just slide right on.

Your post and replies seem to tell me you are trying to hack something rather do it the usual and correct ways. Or there is a hardware issue you haven't found yet.

I have stopped at one point of Floppy Configuration in BIOS either SATA being a PATA is doing so viewing YouTube videos. One of videos on HD502HJ somewhere tells to select Floppy Drive as first boot device. Three sites I've visited who don't agree with usual connection of SATA connection on platform of confirmation if Master cable is able to take Pins of Jumpers of Master in motherboard suggest rather different blocks of Jumpers to both Master Slave.I don't know what one user may think about HD502HJ, one of my close observations discovers that HD502HJ is demanding of voltage of PATA (3v).

Did you just reveal the machine is so old it has a floppy drive? Your last post has me worried you are in over your head. That is, I can't throw you a life raft or bouy since you only tell so much of the host PC.

But it appears to me you are just new to PCs. That's not a bad thing. But can cause others to leave you to dig deep holes you can't get out of.

For example, in SATA, all connections are masters. It's strange to read you talking of PATA when the HDD is SATA.

I'm not new to PCs, PCs are new to me, because, all conversations regarding PCs' problems here in different sites make me found dumb. This is I do it for free, a challenge is there to innovate. I'm in border of China. To me a PC is nothing more than a games equipment.
My PC is not old, we here get almost everything of a PC old, Computers don't come from China. Other electronix are Chinese for direct. Samsung HD502HJ Sata is also jumpered for PATA connection in opposite corner of Power Sata Jumper. Me, specially for this HD have been brought to view of PATA for reaching out Samsung interface only by yuo. China doesn't understand problems related to PCs. I've finished up reading you. That is to say, let me borrow now a cable that is particularly manufactured for this HD, or try for it.

An author suggests virtual floppy drive to get this HD working.

This one is that HD. Though Jumper Pin Setting is of a SATA, its work is of a PATA. Here two of pins are blocked.

I still feel you need more time with PCs in general. The jumper you show is to limit the SATA speed to 1.5Gbps. That was needed on some old PCs that could not negotiate the speed. This a SATA drive and there is no PATA involved here. There is IDE Emulation in some BIOSes since some OSes didn't have SATA support.

I think you need more time. Meanwhile try other OSes on this old drive but wipe the drive clean to avoid partition and format issues with say a bootable tool like DBAN.

Thank you. I'll try what you've suggested. Your valuable responses are so much pleasing to me. You seem only one who see advantage of doing this job, don't feel doubt about whether it's useful to do, you know, understand. Things aren't critical to you. IDE Emulation in BIOS, as a whole BIOS is a complex matter for air. Samsung Interface for this HD I think doesn't respond both with SATA connection, with air, even open air, if HD is not led to explore for other possibilities. There must be a reason for declining SATA whic is satisfactory to other SATA, a rich prosperity of power may have drawn attention to an easy method of doing Computer job. Past affairs for it used to ship absolute refusal to do what one user asks now.