My advice (repeat and expanded follows.

  1. Get the BIOS up to date or the last update.
    Remember I can't give you a step by step because such changes with makes, models and time. Work with Lenovo or those that support you where you are if you can't do it yourself.

  2. While you did fine with the pictures there are still submenu items unexplored. Yes this would be something I could look through quickly if I had this PC on my desk or at a coffee shop but here it's a forum so we work with what we have.

  3. Maybe this is too much work. Start shopping for a better machine. I know this class of PC/laptop and VirtualBox will grind along and will upset almost all users I know today.

I found it:

And VirtualBox runs for a while but it doesn't do anything probably because I haven't a ISO selected :-p If you know how to load one please tell me, but of course I'm going to look for that for myself.

It's been a while since I installed an OS to VirtualBox. But setup of a VM is widely written up on the web.

What stopped you now?

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