My advice (repeat and expanded follows.

  1. Get the BIOS up to date or the last update.
    Remember I can't give you a step by step because such changes with makes, models and time. Work with Lenovo or those that support you where you are if you can't do it yourself.

  2. While you did fine with the pictures there are still submenu items unexplored. Yes this would be something I could look through quickly if I had this PC on my desk or at a coffee shop but here it's a forum so we work with what we have.

  3. Maybe this is too much work. Start shopping for a better machine. I know this class of PC/laptop and VirtualBox will grind along and will upset almost all users I know today.

I found it:

And VirtualBox runs for a while but it doesn't do anything probably because I haven't a ISO selected :-p If you know how to load one please tell me, but of course I'm going to look for that for myself.

It's been a while since I installed an OS to VirtualBox. But setup of a VM is widely written up on the web.

What stopped you now?

Self esteem, honestly.

Well then, an update:

I have a Windows 7 64-bit ISO. VirtualBox supports just a 32-bit version, or so it seems right now. I'll give some more information later.

Small world. A client wanted a clean install of Windows 7. They had the right DVD with SP1 but so many things don't work now. This is truly a version of Windows you can forget about.

Why not move up to W10? You can get the install media for 32 and 64 bit for free and you don't need to activate it. About all I find that is annoying with non-activation is you can't easily change the wallpaper.

PS, Virtualbox supports 64 bit. Read as that old complaint is kicked around again.

I'm downloading an Windows 10 64-bit ISO now. It should work. I'll tell you if it didn't, or did.

commented: I thought you should get the 32 bit Windows 10 given your hardware? +15

It works! Now I have a new problem: I installed the machine in a folder where I don't want it to be installed. Can you tell me how to replace a machine folder?

The VM "file" should be easy to move then open it later with VirtualBox.

For over a decade we packaged up development kits plus the OS for setups that we didn't/couldn't keep around.
Imagine to build an image for a single board computer system where you used DOS, Windows 3.11, Linux (old version.) How else could we keep this intact for over a decade? Answer: VirtualBox.

I got an error when I opened the machine from the new folder. But I figured out how to solve this: I had to delete the machine from the list in VirtualBox. Now it runs well! :-)

commented: That's correct. When we move the machine (that big file) the list in VirtualBox would fail. Delete, make a new entry. +0

The question is soled.

That's not an unknown message or much of a mystery. If you were to share the machine's make, model, CPU model, BIOS version and age I might look into this further to see if your PC can turn it on. But for now I'll wait for you to tell more about the PC.

Also, share which Ubuntu version and which flavor along with 32 or 64 bit.

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