I was trying to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 ultimate. But when the setup completes installing windows 10 and it restarts nothing happens and my previous window 7 starts again. Like nothing happened. Neither any drive space is eaten up after the install.
I know if i clean install through booting iso or usb i won't find such problem but i don't want to lose the data on it just want to upgrade. I'm installing it through creation tool.
I also tried just upgrading it through usb through boot but it said to do it form windows by setup when i did that this problem comes up.
Also really don't know what's the reason of this but I think the reason might be that there are two windows already installed the other is also windows 7 when laptop boots up it asks to choose an operating system. The other doesn't work and i can't delete it from the other drive where it is saved. It just won't delete. I don't know but maybe i think when computer restarts by the installation setup the problem might happens there. I don't know you guys tell.

Here's a think we ran into at the shop. Too many Ultimate versions were cracked or pirate copies and what was done for the crack breaks the upgrade process. That aside and you should know if that applied there are a few old PCs with virus boot protection which must be disabled as well as removing old antivirus suites before the upgrade.

In closing you write about "lose the data". Are you revealing there are no backups? If so, do not upgrade until there are backups. Also you can't install to another drive if there is an OS there. Can't? Yes. I will not enter a debate about workarounds as I use the straight and narrow path without hacks.

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